Join our MiddleMan program.

Earn passive income for a year.

"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far,  go with others."


Let's make this as brief as possible. BlackBeauty exists with a mission to positively impact the health of Nigerians and the world at large but its not just about health. We also want to provide as much jobs as we can in our own little way.

Our product, BlackBeauty Cococonut Oil, falls perfectly in line with our mission. This is due to its health enhancing properties.

We want to get our products into the hands and homes of as many people as possible. In the light of the earlier stated popular quote, we want to go far.
Sure, we can go far by having distributors all over but the question is: How many people will we positively impact financially by doing "business as usual"?

Our MiddleMan Program is "Business Unusual". Unlike being a distributor who buys in bulk to profit from the difference between wholesale and retail price, you as a MiddleMan don't have to buy anything.

All you need do is link us with a store/supermarket near you. Your part becomes even much easier if you know someone working in that store/supermarket or perhaps if you know the manager/owner.

We pay a visit to the retail store to conclude matters and you get paid each time our product is supplied to that supermarket you have linked us with.


Link Us Up

with the owner, manager or anyone who works in or runs a retail store/supermarket near you.

Product Request

is made by the store/supermarket you have connected us with and a successful transaction takes place.

Get Paid

for each product we supply to that person or store you have linked us with. Yes! Each product.

There is no trick about it. Its just a simple matter of sharing our profit with you.

NOTE: Potential locations are not limited to stores and supermarkets




    No! Any setup, institution or organization capable of bulk purchase is a potential location e.g salons, spas, healthcare centers etc

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